Grand Azur is founded by Aureta Thomollari. The brand spirit and principles are all based on Aureta's love for the sea’s natural beauty, her love of exploring the globe across 120 countries, thus far, and her love of art. It's a storytelling brand, inspired by Aureta’s dreams, realized in full living color.


“God is in the Italian Hands”

Within each pair of Grand Azur eyewear lies a unique display of artisanal craftsmanship. Each piece is individually hand made and hand painted in our atelier on lake Maggiore just outside Milan in Italy. The team of master artisans - Erica, Rosa, Maria and Franca - obsess over every detail, ensuring that each pair is created with love, history and savoir-faire.


Our approach is to have a responsible, transparent, eco-friendly and modern mindset towards every production. Leveraging state of the art injection technology with eco-plastics from a renewable origin; luxe optics meet sustainability for an un-compromised, heavily visible accessory. With the process of each frame being handmade in Italy, Grand Azur is eliminating extra machinery, extra energy usage and waste, by keeping each production made-to-order with little to no overstock.

All materials are all recycled and sustainable. From packaging to product.


  • High-performance polymer of renewable origin (62%)
  • Aluminum die-cut wire-core & color


  • Grand Azur branded lens cleaning cloth is made from recycled microfibre (100%)
  • Velvet embossed soft zippered case is made from (58.9%) recycled materials
  • Two-piece embossed sunglasses box is made from recycled paper (100%).


  • Limited Edition runs
  • Less energy usage, using human resources & lower carbon footprint for finishing